SAVEWhatcom is about saving our ability to work and prosper in Whatcom County.




  • Jobs & Business Growth
  • Equitable Taxation
  • Protection of Property
  • Economic Policy

SAVEWhatcom recognizes the need for Whatcom County to empower the ability of businesses to grow and provide the type of jobs that keep Whatcom County a productive, safe and healthy place to live and conduct business.

SAVEWhatcom will promote leadership that understands the need to attract new business and retain our local industrial, commercial and residential businesses. Whatcom County is accountable to promote trade, economic development, technology, entrepreneurship and business development. Private businesses need regulatory policies that encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to locate in our community, and also protect the ability of all businesses to grow and succeed in Whatcom County.

SAVEWhatcom believes there is need to focus on a comprehensive examination of local tax policy. Particular attention should be given to the need of Whatcom County businesses and private citizens for taxation and regulation that is balanced to their ability to pay.

  • Increased taxes and permit fees add to infrastructure costs and dampen business growth, causing businesses to shut down or leave Bellingham and Whatcom County.

  • Farms are shutting down due to increased regulations, taxes and fees.

  • Rural infrastructure needs are being passed over due to outside pressure and lawsuits to override local zoning.

  • Private transportation needs are neglected in favor of mass transit, bicycles and pedestrian travel.

  • Converting private lands to public properties undermines the tax base causing increased taxes on both business and homeowners.

SAVEWhatcom believes it’s time that Whatcom County’s taxes, regulations, and codes are focused on attracting and retaining businesses in Whatcom County.

SAVEWhatcom supports the protection of private property.  Property protection is designed to ensure property owner rights as established under the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution. This is done through the establishment of reasonable standards for takings and a method of relief for landowners whose rights are taken by a growing regulatory environment.

Whatcom County has a duty to refrain from regulatory takings. It must require governmental compensations for property rights infringement and regulatory rollback procedures in a way that protects all property. People do not need compensation as much as they need freedom from the government taking our rights, and selling them back to us as permits – when it’s permitted at all.

SAVEWhatcom believes Whatcom County can maintain a strong economy and create economic and job opportunities. This can be done by promoting conditions that enable economic growth and stability in Whatcom County and supporting sound management of our finances and resources.

SAVEWhatcom believes it’s time to reform the image of Whatcom County to a place where ALL businesses are welcome. We value our retail trade and service sector jobs, but Whatcom County needs a diversified economy that includes more businesses in the manufacturing, production and technology fields of all industries.  It is through the growth of industry that Whatcom County will elevate the median salaries and wages needed to grow our middle class and alleviate our rising poverty level.

SaveWhatcom is about saving our ability to work and prosper in Whatcom County.  Your support is essential for all of us to succeed in building an economic base that can both sustain our families as well as provide the services we all need.


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