Healthy Economies are Paid for with Income

How is wealth is created? Rick Santelli shares solid gold advise on CNBC’s July 1st, 2014 program. If we keep repeating what Santelli says here … do you think it will sink-in and be heard by our political leaders and bankers? The backbone of a consumption economy is that the…

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Whatcom County Council refuses to protect farmland


On July 8, the Whatcom County Council, voted 5-2 to allow the Nooksack River to continue to erode farmland. This vote is particularly concerning for three reasons: First, citizens of Whatcom County pay into a “Flood Control” fund with their property taxes. Protecting private property from flooding and erosion would…

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The Challenges we Face

This is the challenge that “we” face: Watch this video on why the minimum wage should be raised to $15: (I am pleased however, to see that RR does in fact have a real skill – all this time I thought he WAS a cartoon when it turns out that…

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